Compliance InfoSight

Compliance InfoSight

With compliance an ever-increasing challenge for

With compliance an ever-increasing challenge for credit unions, AVCU President Joe Bergeron announced on August 28, 2019 that Vermont Compliance InfoSight (VCI) is available to all Vermont credit unions as a dues-supported benefit of annual membership in the Association of Vermont Credit Unions.

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Since 2006, InfoSight has been the first stop for thousands of credit union professionals needing trusted compliance answers. Recently, InfoSight underwent a complete redesign which had three primary goals:
  1. To improve navigation;
  2. create a highly customizable user experience; and
  3. expand the volume of compliance information across 13 main topics and dozens of sub-topics.
VCI’s comprehensive, constantly updated federal regulatory and compliance information now includes more state-specific content than ever before. Thoroughly vetted and explained in “Vermont View” or “Additional State Considerations” tabs on more than 100 applicable VCI pages, it’s now fast and easy to identify how laws and regulations enacted in Montpelier impact your credit union. State-specific content from 45 other InfoSights is also available, so multi-state credit unions benefit from easy access to specific state-level compliance information throughout the U.S.
Each user’s “Home” page now features an interactive dashboard, customizable “Topics of Interest” to quickly get answers to specific compliance areas, and “Recently Updated” sections to quickly access and review refreshed topics that are most important to that user.
The new platform compiles all relevant information in one place. For each compliance topic, users can instantly learn what the issue is, how it affects credit unions, and precisely what your credit union needs to do to remain compliant. It’s also much easier for users to view and print anything. Additionally, more than 70 checklists and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available and consolidated into a searchable database to make finding answers easy.
If you would like access to VCI, please contact your credit union’s chief executive officer, or their designated VCI Primary Contact at your credit union, to request issuance of one of five complimentary user account licenses which are available to each Association member credit union.

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